Letters’ new 24/7 repairs reporting service

18th June 2019

Reporting repairs is now easier after Letters introduced a 24/7 online reporting system which allows us to gather all the right information and instruct contractors quickly and effectively.

Tenants in our managed properties access the step by step guide to reporting the problem via their smartphone, tablet or computer without download, and provide us with the details to pinpoint exactly what’s wrong. They can upload photos to help us build the necessary background knowledge, too.

The report is date and time-stamped for tenants’ records and saves time for contractors as the information helps them identify the issue and formulate a repair strategy, so they’re likely to make fewer visits.

Letters’ 24/7 repair reporting system also offers advice on solving simple maintenance problems on the spot. Tasks like changing light bulbs, smoke detector batteries or cleaning washing machine filters are likely to be the tenant’s responsibility, anyway, but following the reporting system’s advice can avoid huge inconvenience.

Anya Mathewson, Managing Director of Letters Property Management, said: “We’re delighted with this 24/7 online reporting system, which brings improved customer service and better communication all round.

“Tenants don’t have to wait until our office opens to report repairs. They might also find the information they need to rectify a problem themselves. Our office staff can quickly identify what needs to be done and share the information with the right contractor. It’s a great addition to our service, and many tenants have already reported back how efficient it is.”