“Vast majority” of private tenants are satisfied, national survey finds

23rd July 2019

The vast majority of private tenants are happy with the home they rent, according to new official figures by the English Housing Survey.

The government-commissioned continuous national survey reveals 84% of private renters are satisfied with their current accommodation and 73% are happy with its repairs and maintenance.

Renters also spend slightly less of their income on rent (33%), down from 34% the previous year and 36% in 2014/15.

Letters MD Anya Mathewson welcomed the findings, saying: “Both landlords and tenants should be encouraged by this survey, which shows a high level of satisfaction within a buoyant private rental market.”

She added: “As a responsible letting and property management agency, we aim for a 100% tenant satisfaction rate, but I think the overall picture for England is pretty good.

“The figures show property investment, along with a responsible letting agent, is still a very positive experience for landlords because the vast majority of tenants are satisfied with their rental homes.”

Other findings in the 2017/18 survey of 13,395 households in England found the following facts about the private rented sector:

  • It accounts for one in five households in England (4.5 million)
  • The average age of renters is 40 years, with 68% of the main named renters in a household aged under 45
  • 25% are one-person households; 24% are couples with no children and 22% are couples with dependent children
  • Private renters stay an average of 4.1 years in their accommodation
  • Of those who stayed less than three years, 72% moved house because they wanted to
  • The main reasons for moving were job-related (18%); moving to a better neighbourhood (16%); moving to a larger home (13%)
  • Most private renters (71%) said they found it easy or very easy to pay their rent
  • The majority of private renters are working, either full-time (65%) or part-time (12%), and private renters are more likely to be in full-time work than social renters (27%) or owner occupiers (52%).

David Smith, Policy Director at the Residential Landlords Association, said the figures dispelled the myth that private renting means insecure tenancies and ever-increasing costs.

He added: “As ministers look at ending so-called ‘no fault’ evictions the survey finds that the large majority of those who moved out of their home did so because they wanted to.”

Read the English Housing Survey here.