Keeping rental properties safe at holiday time

30th July 2019

If you’re a tenant going away this summer, taking simple precautionary steps can take to keep your home safe while you’re away, and avoid coming back to an unpleasant surprise. Here’s our top tips for avoiding even more of the post-holiday blues:

  • Most break-ins take place when houses are unoccupied. Buy some timers for internal lights to make it look like someone’s coming and going.
  • Set a radio alarm for the evening to make it sound as though you’re home.
  • Make sure you have contents insurance (including cover for the landlord’s items too, even if you’re renting the property as unfurnished. It will cover items like carpets, curtains, and kitchen appliances).
  • If you feel any part of the outside of your property is vulnerable (eg no gate, lack of security lights) raise this with your landlord or agent, ideally well in advance of any holiday.
  • If there is a burglar alarm, it is your responsibility to use it (it may invalidate your insurance if you don’t). Don’t forget to set it as you leave.
  • Make sure you have keys to any window locks and that you know how to use them before you go away.
  • Ask a neighbour or friend to move post, water plants, put the bins out and in etc. If you have a drive, invite them to park in it while you’re not around.
  • Ensure the grass is mown and the front garden isn’t overgrown. If any garage and/or shed is lockable, put that on your to-do list before you leave.
  • Let your agent or landlord know you are going away (a quick email will suffice) and check they have up to date contact details for you.
  • Don’t advertise your holiday on social media (until you’re safely back home tanned and broke!)

Please contact us to discuss any of the above recommended measures or for further advice. Our experienced team will be happy to help.