Anya addresses York RLA

11th October 2019

Letters Managing Director Anya Mathewson advised landlords on how to navigate the 170 pieces of legislation governing the private rental sector when she addressed the York Residential Landlords Association.

She spoke about current legislation and proposed major changes to the Private Rented Sector including the controversial abolition of Section 21 “no fault evictions” and its implications.

A Citizen’s Advice survey earlier this year showed more than 50% of landlords do not understand their legal obligations, Anya said, and that’s worrying amid the current government focus on the private rented sector.

Landlords must be aware of their obligations

Anya, who has a law degree, said: “With my background in law, I am very aware that tenants’ rights give rise to landlords’ responsibilities. This isn’t a bad thing but it does mean you need to be very aware of those obligations.”

Landlords risk fines or possible imprisonment if they break the law, and with more legislation in the pipeline, it’s vital they stay on top of the latest developments, she warned.

Anya also answered questions from landlords in the audience at the RLA event, at the Park Inn Hotel, York, and said she was delighted with the positive and pro-active approach of the RLA members.

“The purpose of this talk was to hopefully fill some gaps in members’ knowledge and to highlight some of the future developments in legislation. It was great to be able to share information with the landlords and service providers of the York RLA,” she said.

We’re happy to advise

Anya and the Letters team are delighted to advise landlords and anyone considering entering the rental property market. If you have any questions, please contact us.