Prince Charles praises almshouse carers

4th April 2020

Prince Charles has written to everyone involved in caring for almshouse residents expressing his support for their work to help keep them safe during the coronavirus outbreak.

York has 143 almshouse homes and HRH The Prince of Wales, who is Patron of the Almshouse Association, spoke of his pride in the care and service they and other almshouses are continuing to provide to their residents.

“I am immensely proud”

He said: “I particularly wanted to write and say how much I am thinking of everyone involved with the Almshouse Association as you struggle to deal with the huge challenges that have arisen in our lives, your livelihoods and in the continuation of your organisation.

“As your Patron, I have nothing but the greatest sympathy for the predicament you face and the many difficult decisions and circumstances that have to be managed. Above all, I am certain you will be doing your utmost to maintain the essential elements of the care and service you provide to so many vulnerable people who depend on you, and of which I am immensely proud.”

Checking on residents’ welfare

Almshouse charities provide low-cost homes for vulnerable adults and/or elderly people who would otherwise struggle financially. York’s almshouses are operated by 11 charities, and several of them are managed by Letters.

Letters staff are working from home during the coronavirus outbreak but we have continued to provide care for our almshouse residents, checking on their welfare with regular phone calls and liaising with our contractors to carry out urgent repairs. Services this week have included mending a broken toilet, responding to a fire alarm, helping a resident who was accidentally locked out, as well as organising food deliveries.

Letters Managing Director Anya Matthewson said: “It’s a pleasure to work with almshouses in York to ensure their residents are safe and secure in their homes but this recognition from Prince Charles is very much appreciated.

Working tirelessly

“Emma Davis, our Almshouse Adminstrator, has worked tirelessly, phoning all our almshouse residents regularly to maintain vital social contact. I’d like to thank her and all the Letters staff who are pulling out the stops to ensure almshouse residents, and tenants in our managed rented properties, have urgent repairs carried out. We are, of course, following government guidelines to avoid non-essential contact.”

To view Prince Charles’ letter in full click here.