York named the greenest city in the UK

31st July 2020

York has been named the greenest city in the UK thanks to our eco-friendly habits.

Researchers across the country assessed people’s lifestyles by asking a series of questions like how much they recycle, methods of travel – and even time spent in the shower.

They awarded points for sustainability, totted them up – and York achieved the highest score out of 27 cities.

People from our city scored consistently well in the 2,286 adults polled, and came out top for:

  • The number of people who shop in zero plastic supermarkets
  • Growing the most fruit and vegetables at home

The study, by musicMagpie, awarded second place to Cardiff. Oxford came third, followed by Plymouth, with Brighton and Newcastle joint fifth. Wolverhampton scored the lowest.

“Pat on the back to the people of York”

Letters Managing Director Anya Mathewson (left) said: “This is a real pat on the back to all the people of York who are working hard to conserve our planet and recycle.

“At Letters we recycle where possible and print out only if necessary. We recently donated some of our laptops to SASH, the charity which works to prevent homelessness in young people.

“Like many people, we’re conscious we could do more but a boost like this is a great incentive to take extra steps to make us even greener!”

The national poll also found that:

  • 45% of people don’t think they’re doing enough to reduce their carbon footprint
  • 28% of people believe they can’t afford to be greener
  • 17% feel the area they live in doesn’t do enough to make sustainable living easier.