Frequently asked questions

We’ve compiled a list of questions tenants often ask, with answers from our experienced team 

How do I arrange to view a property? 

The simplest and quickest way is to call or email us. We can arrange viewings Mondays to Saturdays.

I’ve been out of the country – can I still rent from you?

Usually yes but we can discuss this with you as it may involve paying more rent up front. It will depend on your circumstances.

I don’t think I earn enough to rent a property from you – what are my options?

Call us to talk this through. We do not discriminate but instead look at each case on the facts involved.

What references will I need?

We take up references from your employer, current landlord and we conduct a credit check, too.

Do I have to pay any fees?

Whilst there are no fees to be paid to take a property with us, we do request that a “holding deposit” of one week’s rent is paid to reserve the property for you whilst we are processing your application. This holding deposit will be taken as payment towards your first month’s rent if your application is successful. There are certain criteria whereby we may retain all or part of your holding deposit if your application is unsuccessful. The full details are in our permitted payments page.

Do I have to pay a security deposit?

The deposit is normally equivalent to 5 weeks’ rent. So a rent of £500pcm will require a deposit of £625. Where we manage the property, the deposit is held in a bonded client account in accordance with government regulations. This means that it is protected both during your tenancy and when you leave, and we will negotiate any proposed deductions. All deposits now have to be protected by law so if you are considering renting through a private landlord or another agent, ensure you satisfy yourself that they are complying by asking them which Tenancy Deposit Scheme they are registered with.

What happens on the day I move in?

We will have sent you the tenancy agreement in advance to sign, as well as a statement detailing the balance of the rent due, plus your security deposit. We request this is paid the day before. On the day, you come into the office to collect the keys and, if we are managing the property, a copy of our inventory.

Who sorts out the bills?

Usually the tenant pays for utilities such as electricity, gas, water and broadband. It will be detailed in your tenancy agreement.

What if something goes wrong in the property?

If we are managing the property, you can use or 24/7 online repair reporting system, or call us. We will arrange for insured, vetted contractors to visit in order to rectify the problem. If we are not managing the property, you should contact your landlord.

What do I do when I want to leave?

If we are managing the property, you will need to give us a month’s notice in writing before you leave. Once we receive this, we would then send you the moving out procedure.

What if I can’t pay my rent?

Please, please, please contact us as soon as you think you may fall behind with the rent. We can work on your options together; it’s far easier at this stage than once you are in arrears.

What happens when I move out?

Once you have removed all of your belongings, we will carry out a Check Out Inspection. We check the property against the original inventory and, whilst allowing for wear & tear, will then discuss and agree any possible deductions with you. If costs cannot be agreed, issues can be referred to the independent ombudsman.

If I am not happy with your service, who do I speak to?

Just call the office; one of our senior management team is usually available or will respond promptly.  If we can’t resolve the issue then our Customer Complaints Procedure can be found here.

If you have any further questions, please contact us

Read the Government’s “How to Rent” guide for tenants here.

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